Crimson Letters is a Christian alt rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana driven with the goal to not only spread the Word through song but also create music and lyrics that can be relatable to everyone regardless of what they believe in.


Jonathon Hudson
Guitar / Keyboard / Vocals

Jon is one of two lead guitarists and vocalists of Crimson Letters and one of the two founding members. His passions in life are God, family, and music. He studied music technology at IPFW from 2013 to 2017 and studied classical guitar while attending school there. He has been involved in music since he was old enough to remember. Guitar was not actually his first instrument, but he fell in love when he picked it up freshman year of high school. He has learned other instruments along the way and even fell just as much in love with piano, but guitar is still his primary. Jon has a wife and a son who love and support him every step of the way.

Dillion Little
Drums / Vocals

Dillion is the drummer for Crimson Letters and one of the two founding members. His biggest passion is to grow the Kingdom of God through music. He studied music technology at IPFW 2013 to 2016 and studied percussion while attending there. He started playing drums at the age of 8 at his home church. He grew up playing in church and went to school playing in every band he could. He played anything from concert snare to jazz drumming. Marching percussion was also a love of his throughout school. Dillion is supported in everything by his wife.

Duffy Weber
Guitar / Vocals

Duffy is one of the lead guitarists and vocalists of Crimson Letters. He puts God and his family as his first priorities and his passion in life but music is a very close second. He graduated with his bachelors in music technology from IPFW in 2018 and studied voice while attending school there. Music has always been in the forefront of his life. He first learned how to play guitar when he was 13. Since then he has learned other instruments, but guitar was always the instrument he was drawn to. Duffy is happily married with a son and a daughter and is grateful for their support and acceptance of God’s plan for him.

David Watkins
Bass / Vocals

David is the bassist and another vocalist of Crimson Letters. He begins and ends his days praying to God. He loves music, but also has a passion for creating whether it's with voice, pencil, or music. David graduated from IPFW with a bachelor's degree in music in the outside field of business and studied with an upright bass while attending there. He was inspired by several legendary bassists growing up and first picked up a bass in 2005. He has played it ever since, but has also learned other various instruments along the way. David is thankful to God for the love and support of his family.